What is Electricity? Analog vs. digital Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mims

From Hannah: Volts, Current

and the Basic Concepts of Electricity

Binary          Hexadecimal           ASCII According to Pete
Metric prefixes & SI units Integrated circuits (ICs) PCB Design for Manufacture by Seeed Studio
PCB Basics  Logic levels Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume 01 - DC
Voltage, Current, Resistance, Ohm's Law Shift registers Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume 02 - AC
Electric power                What is polarity? Pull-up resistors Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume 03 - Semiconductors
What is a circuit? Serial communication & UARTs Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume 04 - Digital
Resistors          Capacitors         Inductors Serial terminal basics Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume 05 - Reference
Series and parallel circuits Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume 06 - Experiments
Kirchhoff's circuit laws (Brain may hurt!) Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)

Understanding Schematics

Light                              Tricks with the eye Using a serial graphic LCD

Oscilloscope Basics

Diodes              Transistors               LEDs Infrared (IR) Communication

Maker.IO Tech Basic Videos

Connector basics Accelerometer basics     Gyroscope basics

Surface Mount Technology and Sizing

Working with wire Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)


How to use a multimeter Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)

13 Projects for you to build

How to use a breadboard Logic level converters
How to add Arduino to a breadboard Voltage dividers
How to read a schematic GPS basics

From Brendan:

Soldering Metal, Gold, and Circuits

How to power your project  
Battery technologies  
Residential Electrical Circuits Explained  

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