2006 Suzuki GSF650 Bandit S


Mid-weight, mid-power, all-around pleasure to drive.

I think this is the closest you can come to the original 1983 Suzuki Katana that introduced half-fairings with an exposed motor.


Classification: Standard motorcycle with 'bikini' fairing.


Production Years: 2005 & 2006. Wiki info.

Fuel injection and a liquid radiator were introduced in the following years.



HP: 78 at 10,500rpm.  Torque: 43 ft. lb.  Compression Ratio: 10.5:1

656cc air/oil cooled DOHC 4-valves/cylinder, inline 4.

Wet Weight: 480 pounds. (443 +  37 pounds for gas, oil, fluids.)

Seat height: 31".

Wheels: Front 120/70 ZR17. Rear 160/60 ZR17.

Fuel Mileage low/avg/high: 49/59mpg,  4.8L/100km,  20.9km/L.

Fuel tank: 5.3 US gallons. RPM at 60mph/100kmh: 5000.


Current Mileage: 13,679km


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Upgrades Installed ($0):

- Zero Gravity windshield

1983 Suzuki Katana - the Original!


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