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Recommended NICs


ISO's OSI Model

Search for a particular Ethernet manufacturer OUI or a vendor name


Another OUI search engine

If you type CMD in your Win10 search bar, you're presented with a Command Prompt (DOS-like) window showing your home directory.

If you then type ipconfig, you can see your enabled network adaptors.

You're probably interested in "Ethernet adapter Ethernet:". Notice how you get its IPv4 or IPv6 address but not your adapter's MAC address?

Try this instead: ipconfig /all. Now you should see the same adaptor as well as its Physical Address. The Description field above the Physical Address

may show you the vendor name. In the event it does not, highlight and copy the address from the "DOS" window and paste it into the link above.



Ethernet Multicast Addresses




Analyzing 10/100Mbps Full Duplex


Ethernet Calculations


Physical Error Assessments


Early Transmit and Early Receive Functions:

An explanation from FreePatentsOnline

Realtek's version of ET


Test Files:

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53MB Test File

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