Well-known called Ports: 1-1023

Registered called Ports: 1024 - 49151

Dynamic/Private called Ports: 49152 - 65535

If ports 1024-65535 are used as calling port by clients, then they are referred to as Ephemeral ports


IANA Matrix for Protocol Parameter Assignment/Registration Procedures

Complete IANA IP Protocols listing

Complete IANA UDP/TCP ports listing

Network Analyzer ports listing

RFC1323 High Performance TCP Options

TCP Options - not just the top 4

Port lookup facility


TCP (The TCP Guide)


TCP Algorithms:

TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm

Nagle's Algorithm

Delayed ACK Algorithm

Nagle's Algorithm versus Delayed ACK Algorithm



Tracking TCP Windows

Wireshark Method


Peer-to-Peer Ports