Troubleshooting Scenarios

This is a challenge/learning section. Examine the trace files using a "go / no go" approach. Make your assessment as to what the issue is, then

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1) SMTP Failing To Remove Entries From Outbox

In this scenario, the user called the Helpdesk and reported that although he had sent his email with attachments, they were still in his Outbox.

The user did this several times to no avail. Finally, he got a phone call from the recipient asking why he was sending the same email 4 or 5 times.

A trace at the user workstation was conducted showing a single email transfer working properly and an empty Outbox when done.

Trace SMTP_Smart_1b.zip


Another trace was taken showing 3 email transfers that had to be repeated because the Outbox was still full.

Trace SMTP_Stupid_2e.zip


The trace files have been edited only enough to 1) change the recipient's email address, and 2) change the TCP Checksum that protects the contents.


The user's email agent is shown here:



2) How Dumb is Your FTP Client?

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