Programming Languages


Cost C: Topic & URLs Cost Arduino C: Topics & URLs

Intro to C for Embedded Applications Web Link

$43 Make: AVR Programming Web Link Web Link

C Language Online Training Course Web Link


Install C Software Toolchain for AVR Chips (ATmega328P) Web Link


C Tutorial Web Link


My Arduino Lab (based on Make: AVR Programming book) Web Link


Learn C by Examples Web Link

0 Register Bit Manipulation in C  Web Link
0 Online C Compiler & Debugger Web Link 0 Embedded C Book by Kanda.com Web Link
0 C Programming Tutorial Web Link 0

Get Going with AVR  by  Kanda.com Web Link

0 C Programming Operators Web Link  Web Link  Web Link 0 C  Shortcuts Web Link
0 More C Operators Web Link $14

Course: The Complete Beginner's Guide to the Arduino - 2020 Web Link

0 Even More C Operator Web Link 0 or $146

Book: Beginning Arduino 1st Edition 2010 Web Link  and source code Web Link

Book: Beginning Arduino 2nd Edition 2013 Web Link

0 Preprocessor Directives Web Link $17 Book: Beginning C for Arduino, 2nd Edition Web Link
Cost C++: Topic & URLs Cost Python & CircuitPython: Topics & URLs
0 C++ Keywords Web Link 0 Free Python books on Github Web Link Web Link Web Link
0 Free Code::Blocks  C/C++ IDE Web Link 0 Microsoft: Learn how to write basic Python code Web Link
0 Video: C++  Tutorial for Beginners Web Link 0 Microsoft MSDN: Python for Beginners Web Link
0 C++ Programming Concepts Web Link $10 44 Youtube Videos: Python for Beginners Web Link
0 Live Editor/Compiler: C++ Shell Web Link $20 Learn Hardware Programming with CircuitPython Web Link

 Beginning C++ Programming, From Beginner to Beyond Web Link

0 Mu Editor for CircuitPython Web Link
0 C++ Tutorials Web Link 0 10 CircuitPython Videos with Mu Editor Web Link
0 Algorithms Library Web Link 0 Mu Editor Cheat Sheet Web Link
0 Multi-language Online Compiler Web Link  0 Code With Mu Web Link
    0 RGB Colour Codes Chart Web Link
    0 CircuitPython LED Animations Web Link
    0 CircuitPython Searches on github Web Link

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