Build Your Own Z80: Memory Expansion Board (MEB)


Brute Force MEB Test


Tests your Memory Expansion Board using a brute force tester.

A 'Walking Bit' test is emulated by writing an alternating bit pattern of 55s, reading it back for changes, then repeating with a bit pattern of AAs.

All devices are assumed to be RAM so ROMs will yield Bad Address messages.

Here are the current Brute Force RAM Writer source code .asm and executable .bin files: BFRW.zip

The file assumes you will run it at $4000 in Bank_1 ($4000-$7FFF).

Full MEB Test

Like the BFRW test above, this app performs a walking bit test but only on the MEB's RAM after it determines if the socket contains a RAM, a ROM, a ROM File System (ROMFS) chip, or is empty.

It will also report the RAM chip size: 128KB, 256KB, or 512KB. Here are the current  .asm and .bin files: Test_MEB-C0.zip

Don't forget to run the file at $4000 unless you change the .ORG in line 31 to something else.