Set up Your Arduino C Programming Environment


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Read Make: AVR Programming.






You really should read Chapter 2 of this book/document prior to setting up your environment with WinAVR from SourceForge.


Pay special attention to setting up your PATH environment variable. You can access it via:

- right-click on This PC, choose Properties

- click Advanced System Settings, choose Advanced tab then Environment Variables

- click variable Path and then the Edit button if necessary to record your environment BEFORE installing the WinAVR toolchain. I didn't and subsequently some apps normally found in c:\windows\system32 were inaccessible unless I changed to that folder and ran them from there. The better fix was to add c:\windows\system32 back into the path and place it at the top.

As an example, here is my final Path setup:

Download WinAVR toolchain for Make: AVR Programming. https://sourceforge.net/projects/winavr/files/WinAVR/20100110/

The toolchain download also includes a great code editor (Programmer's Notepad), and AVRDUDE for programming your ATmega328P microcontroller.

I installed the toolchain in D:\WinAVR-20100110.

I then deposited the book's files into D:\AVR-Programming-master.

I wrote a tiny batch file called avr.bat in my home directory (C:\users\<yourname>) that simply changes directory to whatever folder I am currently working in. Example:

cd  \avr-programming-master\chapter05*

cd  .\*Organ*

In this folder, d:\avr-programming-master\Chapter05_Serial-IO\serialOrgan,  I "<CTRL> dragged" the Makefile so that it made a backup called Makefile-Copy. I then replaced the first 26 lines of Makefile with that of Make_Chunk.txt. You'll need to change the COM port in yours, though.

With all of this out of the way, you can now simply run the following at the command line prompt:

make flash

This will compile serialOrgan.c into the serialOrgan.hex file that AVRDUDE will download to the ATmega328P to Flash it. The program will run automatically once the download is complete.

Download project code for book Make: AVR Programming. https://github.com/hexagon5un/AVR-Programming

Click on the green CODE button, then choose Download ZIP.

Read the README.md file.