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This is a powerful bike with minimal weight!

Now that a windshield has been installed, it's the most fun bike yet!


Classification: Naked/Standard Bike.


2023 KTM 790 Duke:

VIN: LCETU7400PH700648

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 - 105HP and 64FP torque (Dyno'd: 95/58)!

 - Wet Weight: 395 pounds!  Easy to flick and manoeuvre/backup/park



Passenger seat and footpeg brackets were removed. The passenger seat was replaced with a rear cowl and a muffler bracket was installed to hold up the muffler; this  was originally accomplished by the right footpeg bracket.


Ergo seat (+20mm). Ref: 64107240000  $208.99
Splash protection fender. Ref:64104950000 $214.79
SuperSprox Stealth Rear Sprocket. Ref: 584100510XX04 $153.99
Muffler bracket. Ref: 64105988044 $107.99
Passenger cowl.  Ref: 64107955144C1B    $158.99
Wheel trim ring sticker kit. Ref: 94309999000 $32.49
USB-C power outlet kit. Ref: 94511942000 $59.99
Puig Sport WS/Duke 790 18L smoke windshield $216.99
Orange outdoor protective cover. Ref: 59012007000 $113.99
Up-down Quick Shifter (bought with bike). Ref: 63600940100 $363
Noco battery charger. $90
Rear axle bobbins. $30
BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR COVER. Ref: 64113903000 $50.39
BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR CAP. Ref: 64113962000 $63.59
ANODIZED CLUTCH LEVER. Ref: 64102931044 $195.59
ANODIZED BRAKE LEVER. Ref: 64113902044 $201.59
HANDLEBAR ENDS. Ref: 54802005000 $22.79
Akrapovic Slip-on" 80dBm Muffler. Ref: 94305999000 $1300.00

 Total: $ 3376.17 before taxes.


Potential Add-ons:

 - Yoshi Tail Tidy ?

Updated 2024-06-17 @ 8am