Project 32:
Arduino Shield: 16x8 LED Matrix Display


                         v1.3 Schematic                     v1.3 Board Layout                      v1.3 PCB Top                            v1.3 PCB Bottom                



v2.2 Schematic                     v2.2 Board Layout                       v2.2 PCB Top                              v2.2 PCB Bottom  



v2.0 Module Assembly Pix



v2.4 Pix



v1.3 Videos of Operation



v2.4 Bill of Materials



In this project a 16 x 8 LED matrix display is  mounted on an Arduino UNO R3 shield.

The shield has been extended by 0.3" to accommodate a reset switch and PIR motion sensor; it extends to the USB connector.



Adafruit libraries and code are used to exercise the matrix. You can download the zip file from github.

To install the code library: In the Arduino IDE interface under Sketch|Include Library|Add .zip Library|Documents|Arduino|libraries, select Adafruit_LED_Backpack_Library.

Close and reopen the Arduino IDE.

Under File|Examples|Examples from Custom Libraries|Adafruit LED Backpack Library, select matrix16x8.ino


If you decide to use the HT16K33 drivers/examples instead of the Adafruit ones, add as outlined above for ".zip" files.


And here are four sketches of Arduino code I wrote to test the project:

1) HT16K33_LEDs_Test.ino: Test various patterns on the LED matrices

2) HT16K33_Nums.ino: Test numbers 0 through 9 on each LED matrix

3) HT16K33_BME280.ino: Measure and display the temperature Celsius on the two LED matrices

4) HT16K33_BME280_PIR.ino When the PIR senses movement it displays the temperature and humidity on the two LED matrices





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