Electronic Projects


# Project Info
01 Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3v or 5v selectable. 3 different inputs (barrel jack, miniUSB, screw terminal block).
02 5-Button Switch Module 5-button terminated switch module for breadboards.
03 Real Time Clock (RTC) Module Real Time Clock: PCF8523 RTC chip with battery backup, for breadboards.
04 Buzzer-Type Speaker Module Small, unobtrusive, adjustable, amplified buzzer speaker designed for breadboard use.
05 LED Dot Matrix Module: Chicago Dice! Arduino Nano microcontroller-based game, with expansion connector.

QuadRupler 2.4" and QuinTupler 3.5"

Powered expansion boards for Adafruit Feather microcontrollers like the Adafruit Feather M4 Express.

Each PCB permits 3 or 4 FeatherWings to attach to a 2.4" or a 3.5" FeatherWing TFT-touchscreen display.

07 3v3 to 5v Level Shifter Breadboard-connect your new 3.3v peripherals to older 5v microcontrollers like Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano.
08 ItsyBitsy Roller Needs rework) Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express or ItsyBitsy RP2040 based Neopixel gaming board.
09 Bakk Tracker Adafruit GPS used to track your way back to your starting point.

Project A: Adafruit QT-PY and a 3x3 matrix of regular LEDs.

Project B:  Adafruit QT-PY and two 3x3 matrices of RGB Neopixel LEDs.

11 Neopixel 3x3 Array Neopixel 3 x 3 array board to add to your projects.
12 Breadboard SMT Power Supply 3.3v or 5v selectable. 2 different inputs: barrel jack or miniUSB.
13 SMT 3v3 3A / 5v 5A Power Supply Same as the above one but it's a higher current PCB that you can attach to your breadboard or solder to your project bd.
14 Neopixel 5x5 Array Neopixel 5 x 5 array board to add to your projects.
15 Nano Neo Arduino Nano-based RGB Neopixel board with 3 add-on boards: power supply, amplified buzzer and 5x5 Neopixel array.
16 Nano Neo Strands Arduino Nano-based driver board for up to 4 strands of Neopixel RGB LEDs.
17 QT-PY 8x8 RGB LED Dice Adafruit QT-PY driving two 8x8 RGB LED matrices.
18 Single-Multistep CPU Clock Module A PCB using Ben Eater's 1-500Hz CPU Clock design for both single-step and multi-step functions.
19 Variable CPU Clock Module A PCB using Ben Eater's 1-500Hz CPU Clock multi-step design.
23 Project 23: Weather Inside The Aduino Weather Inside app running on a small PCB.
24 Project 24: 9DoF An Adafruit Nine degrees of freedom orientation IMU, weather sensor and a 2.0" display.
25 Project 25: Accelerometer An Adafruit accelerometer, weather sensor and a 2.0" display.
26 Project 26: CPU Clock Divider A variable CPU clock with faster Rise Time (based on the 74HC590).
27 Project 27: Nano-Atmel Programmer Arduino Nano used as chip programmer for ATmega328, ATtiny84 and ATtiny85.
27a 'Coding in Bare Metal C' Use 'bare metal C code' to program an Atmel/Microchip ATtiny85 as a square wave generator for use as a CPU clock.
28 Project 28: ATtiny85 CPU Clock ATtiny85 microcontroller used as a 0.5Hz to 50Hz clock generator. Includes How to Program an ATtiny85.
31 Arduino Shield: 7-Segment LED Displays Dual 4-bit 7-segment LED displays with RTC and Temp/Hum sensor.
32 Arduino Shield: 16x8 LED Matrix Display Motion-activated 16x8 LED display with BME280 temperature/humidity sensor.
33 Ada-3315_TripleExpBrd Triple Expansion Board for Adafruit #3315 2.4" TFT-TS Display.
34 Ada-3651_TripleExpBrd Triple Expansion Board for Adafruit #3651 3.5" TFT-TS Display.


ESP32 Sensor Boards DoIt ESP32 DevKit-C v4 or Adafruit ItsyBitsy ESP32 boards with T/H/BP sensor, PIR and 1.3" OLED or 2.4" LCD.

UNO R3 Prototyper

Extended prototyping shield for Arduino UNO R3.




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