SMT 3v3 / 5v 5Amp Power Supply Module


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v4.2 Schematic


v4.2 Board Layout


v4.2 PCB Top


v4.2 PCB Bottom


Digikey BOM


PCBs are out for fabrication



v3.0 Schematic


v3.0 Board Layout


PCB v3.0


Production PCB v3.0


Eagle CAD: BoM





v2.0 Schematic


v2.0 Board Layout


PCB v2.0


PCB Comparison: v1.1 versus v2.0



Eagle CAD: v1.1 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v1.1 Board  


PCB v1.1


Short .mp4 Video (enlarge)


Eagle CAD: BoM

(Bill of Materials) BoM




Dual voltage power supply designed to be attached to your breadboard or soldered to your next PCB design (the two left GND jumpers provide physical support).



 - 3.3v and 5v DC output with power LEDs for each

 - Both 5v and 3.3v voltage regulators are 5A rated

 - With the exception of the male header pins and test points, all discrete components are SMT with a minimum size of 1206 for easier hand soldering


Power Input:

 - 2.1mm DC barrel jack: input 7v to 12vDC


Power Output:

 -  3v3 DC and 5v DC to a 'split' breadboard as shown in the v3.0 adjacent video

 - Output current limit is up to 5A regulated by LM1084ISX and LM1585


v4.1 Features:

 - Separate 5 amp voltage regulators

 - Larger input polarity protection diode

 - On/Off switch problem fixed

 - 3 test points

 - 2 grounded mounting holes




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