LED Dot Matrix Game: Chicago Dice!


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Video 1:

Arduino Sketch: Dice_Matrix_Test.ino



Video 2:

Arduino Sketch: 19_Chicago_Dice_v5i.zip





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Arduino based game with dot-matrix LED panels acting as rolled dice and an OLED for scoring.



- Arduino Nano microcontroller with USB-C connector

- Dice display is a dual LED dot matrix panel (8 x 16)

- Scoring display is a 1.3" OLED with a buzzer speaker

- Scoring is automatic: S0 if fail, S1 if succeed

- Rolling the dice is accomplished with the middle button of a 5-way arrangement. The 5 switches can also be used for menu selection if you decide to code that function.


Videos & Sketches:

Video 1: Test your dot matrix LED displays using the Arduino sketch Dual_DotMatrix_Display.ino

Video 2: Play the Chicago Dice game (11 sequential rolls are demonstrated) using the sketch 19_Chicago_Dice_v5i.ino


How To Play:

Video 2 shows a user playing Chicago Dice wherein you try to roll the game round number; the first round number is 2, the next is 3, all the way up to 12. A point is scored if the sum of the two dice matches the round number; e.g. round 4 could be die values 3 & 1 or 1 & 3 or 2 & 2, and their sums would equal the round number, 4. Check your final score after 11 rounds of pressing the center button of the 5-button matrix. Now have your friend try to beat your score!


Updated 2021-10-04 @ 10am