SMT Breadboard Power Supply Module


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PCB v1.0

PCB is out for manufacture.


Eagle CAD: v1.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v1.0 Board Layout


Eagle CAD: BoM (Bill of Materials)



Dual voltage power supply designed for breadboards.



 - Mounts on the breadboard's lower power rail with 0.1" spacing

 - Ideal for Radio Shack #276-001 breadboards which have split power rails, both upper and lower. With RS breadboards, both voltages can be run simultaneously. On all others you jumper one voltage or the other

 - 3.3v or 5v DC output; 3v3 or 5v LED is only illuminated when the circuit is jumpered

 - 2 common power input types: DC barrel jack or mini USB

 - With the exception of the jumpers, all discrete components are SMT with minimum size of 1206 for easier hand soldering


Power Input:

 - 2.1mm DC barrel jack: input 7v to 12vDC

 - miniUSB: 5vDC


Power Output:

 -  3v3 DC or 5v DC, jumper selectable

 - Output current limit is 1000mA regulated by NCP1117

Updated 2022-03-10 @ 8am