QuadRupler  & QuinTupler Expansion Boards


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Eagle CAD: QuadRupler 2.4"

v1.3 Schematic


Eagle CAD: QuadRupler 2.4"

v1.3 PCB Layout



Eagle CAD:  QuadRupler 1.3 Bill of Materials



Quadrupler v1.3 PCB Pix:





Eagle CAD: QuinTupler 3.5"

v2.2 Schematic


Eagle CAD: QuinTupler 3.5"

v2.2 PCB Layout



Eagle CAD:  QuinTupler 3.5" 2.2 Bill of Materials



QuinTupler 3.5" v2.1 Pix:



QuinTupler 3.5" v2.2 PCB


Two expansion boards for Adafruit Feather microcontrollers like the Feather M4 Express.

I use the M4 for a lot of designs: it's fast, has lots of I/O, and is flexible for C or CircuitPython.

The QuadRupler 2.4" Motherboard (MB) permits one Adafruit Feather microcontroller and up to four Adafruit FeatherWings to attach to an Adafruit 2.4" FeatherWing Display.

The QuinTupler MB also permits up to 4 Featherwings to be attached to an Adafruit 3.5" FeatherWing Display.



Unlike the double, triple and quad Adafruit expansion boards, these keep the FeatherWings on top with the 2.4" or 3.5" display. That's especially important with the GPS FeatherWing which really should have its ceramic antenna pointed up.

Each PCB contains 3 QWIIC jacks for attachment of I2C peripherals, and a place to solder the LiPoly charger if you wish to add a battery to your project.

Either MB can use power provided by the Feather microcontroller, or externally via a 2.5mm powerjack or a separate miniUSB connector.

The QuadRupler 2.4" also has an amplified buzzer/speaker circuit on the bottom of the PCB.



You may wish to use Samtec's low-profile female headers with these motherboards: one 1x16 and three or four 1x12 inline female headers to connect the microcontroller board to the Motherboard and to the Display. Part numbers are CES-116-02-T-S, CES-112-02-T-S. Alternatively you could use the Adafruit Stacking Headers for Feather and cut off the excess.

The microcontroller can be fastened to the display through the PCB from the bottom or in any one of the top-side sockets. Only the power supply, LiPo charger and LiPo battery will be on the bottom part of the board or in the project case.



CP Info:

CircuitPython v4.0 native display driver library: displayio. Read through this document to get an idea of what you can do with a decent display and your powerful M4 or RP2040 Feathers.


           2.4" FeatherWing                        3.5" FeatherWing        Feather M4 Express Microcontroller

        Image of purple flowers on a TFT FeatherWing - 2.4" 320x240 Touchscreen For All Feathers.               


Arduino Sketch: _________.ino

CircuitPython Code: ______.py


PCBs are out for manufacture.


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