Project 33b:
Ada 3315 Triple Expansion Board


     v1.1 Schematic                                          v1.1 Board Layout                                                  v1.1 PCB Top                                 Video of Operation



v1.1 Bill of Materials



This is a triple expansion board for the Adafruit 3315 2.4" TFT-TS Display (V2).

The 2.4" TFT display is on top of the PCB and a Feather microcontroller like the Feather M4 Express or Feather ESP32 is placed opposite of it on the bottom.

Two Featherwing slots surround the microcontroller slot: perhaps Ultimate GPS and Joy Featherwing or any of the other many Featherwings could be used.




TFT-TouchScreen is placed on the top of the board using long stacking headers through the PCB to the Feather microcontroller on the other side.

A microcontroller and two expansion boards (Featherwings) are attached to the bottom of the PCB.

Slide dipswitches are placed between the left and right Feather-sized 12-pin and 16-pin connectors; enable only the lines from the central Feather microcontroller/Featherwing TFT-TS connector to the Left or Right expansion connectors.

Each of the expansion connectors as well as the microcontroller connector contain 2 rows of pins in case you wish to jumper your own routes.



The PCBs that are back from fabrication have been populated and as you can see they are operational.

Below we see the components of Project 9 (Bakk Trakker) installed on the expansion board and working well. Click each for larger images.







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