Nano Neo


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Video: Prototype Demo (.mp4)



PCB v1.0



Eagle CAD: v1.0 Schematic



Eagle CAD: v1.0 Board Layout




Eagle CAD: BoM (Bill of Materials)


Arduino Nano (5v) based Neopixel LED display platform.

Pressing the GO button will cycle you through a number of display patterns.



Backpanel board permits 4 boards to be attached:

 - Arduino Nano 5v board

 - 3v3/5v power supply board

 - Amplified buzzer board

 - 5x5 Neopixel LED panel board


Power Input:

 - 2.1mm DC barrel jack: input 7v to 12vDC


 - miniUSB: 5vDC

 - Although these nanopixel RGB LEDs are more efficient than traditional LEDs, they still consume a fair amount of power: consider setting "matrix1 setBrightness()" value to 50 which will illuminate well but won't suck the power down to levels below 4.5v. If you watch the short prototype demo you can see the voltmeters' level on every breadboard. The range is 0 to 255.

Arduino C/C++ Code:

I have written some code in C that will execute each time the GO button is pressed.

This code could be used with the QT PY RGB Die board too, if you modify ledCnt from 25 to 9.


C/C++ Code for Neopixel LED display

(The code only executes a few routines currently as I progressively test all of the routines.)

PCB v2.0

Eagle CAD: v2.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v2.0 Board Layout


Eagle CAD: BoM (Bill of Materials)



 - Daughter boards were reorganized for shortest routes to microcontroller.

 - 1.3" OLED added for menus

 - 5-way push-button switch module also added for menus

Updated 2022-12-22 @ 8am