Nano Neo


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.mp4 Video: Prototype Demo



PCB v1.0

PCB is out for manufacture.



Eagle CAD: v1.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v1.0 Board Layout



Eagle CAD: BoM (Bill of Materials)


Arduino Nano (5v) based Neopixel LED display platform.

Pressing the GO button will cycle you through a number of display patterns.



Backpanel board permits 4 boards to be attached:

 - Arduino Nano 5v board

 - 3v3/5v power supply board

 - Amplified buzzer board

 - 5x5 Neopixel LED panel board


Power Input:

 - 2.1mm DC barrel jack: input 7v to 12vDC


 - miniUSB: 5vDC


Arduino C/C++ Code:

I have written some code in C that will execute each time the GO button is pressed.

This code could be used with the QT PY RGB Die board too, if you modify ledCnt from 5 to 3.


C/C++ Code for Neopixel LED display

PCB v2.0

Eagle CAD: v2.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v2.0 Board Layout


Eagle CAD: BoM (Bill of Materials)



 - Daughter boards were reorganized for shortest routes to microcontroller.

 - 1.3" OLED added for menus

 - 5-way switch module also added for menus

Updated 2022-05-13 @ 8am