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LED: v2.1 Prototype Demo




PCB: LED v2.1 Board (Top)


PCB: LED v2.1 Board (Bottom)





RGB: Prototype Demo



PCB: RGB v3.0 Board (Top)


PCB: RGB v3.0 Board (Bottom)

PCB is out for manufacture.




Eagle CAD: LED v2.1 Schematic



Eagle CAD: LED v2.1 PCB Layout



Eagle CAD: LED v2.1 Bill of Materials







Eagle CAD: RGB  v3.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: RGB  v3.0 PCB Layout


Eagle CAD: RGB Bill of Materials











"Fidget" boards: one with traditional single-colour LEDs and the other with multi-colour Neopixel RGB LEDs. The single-colour LEDs version will fit in a small Hammond project box.



- Moderate current draw with both traditional 3mm LEDs and neopixel RGB LEDs

- LiPo battery can run either board when you're away from your PC's USB port

- 1000uF surge cap for RGB Neopixel LEDs and current limiting resistors for power and data signals

- 3v3/5v level shifter for data signal (RGB board)

- Amplified buzzer speaker



- Either 1 matrix of 9 regular LEDs (LED board) or two matrices of  9 Neopixel RGB LEDs (RGB board) are arranged in a 3x3 matrix. In the lower half of the left panel, the breadboard prototype is only showing 4 RGB LEDs

- Pressing the GO button causes the matrix to progress through predefined display patterns

- RGB Neopixels can have multiple uses including that of rolled dice

- On the RGB board, a jumper allows you to code for both RGB matrices independently or combined into a single large matrix

- Utilizes a powerful Adafruit QT-PY SAMD21 or QT-PY RP2040 microcontroller

- Many SMT discrete components were used where possible

- On-board 500mA LiPoly battery charger

- Mounting holes are provided if you wish to use a 3D-printed case or Hammond project box



- Libraries and Neopixel learning document

- Optional Fast LED library


Software for LED Board:

- Here are some blink routines I have written for the QT-PY LED board: QT-PY_3x3_LED_Array.ino. The code is in a state of flux as I update it regularly. You'll notice that each of the routine sets has its own folder within the Arduino IDE: Bands.ino, Beeps.ino, Blinks.ino, Wipes.ino.


Software for RGB Neopixel LED Board:

- Demo and games have yet to be designed

- Here are some RGB Neopixel LED test patterns I've written





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