SMT 3v3 / 5v Power Supply Module


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PCB v1.1




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PCB v2.0


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Eagle CAD: v1.1 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v1.1 Board Layout



Eagle CAD: BoM (Bill of Materials)


Digikey.ca BoM




Eagle CAD: v2.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v2.0 Board Layout




Dual voltage power supply designed to be attached to your breadboard or soldered to your next PCB design (the two lower GND jumpers provide physical support).



 - 3.3v and 5v DC output with a power LEDs for each

 - 2 common power input types: DC barrel jack or mini USB

 - With the exception of the male header pins, all discrete components are SMT with a minimum size of 1206 for easier hand soldering


Power Input:

 - 2.1mm DC barrel jack: input 7v to 12vDC


 - miniUSB: 5vDC


Power Output:

 -  3v3 DC and 5v DC to a 'split' breadboard as shown in the adjacent video

 - Output current limit is 1000mA regulated by NCP1117 and NCV1117


v2.0 Features:

- Separate voltage regulators

- 3 test points


Updated 2022-07-20 @ 8am