Amplified Buzzer-type Speaker Module

Pix/Schematics  (click to enlarge)


Buzzer v2.5 with Amplifier



Buzzer v2.8 PCB: Top


PCBs are out for manufacture



Eagle CAD: v2.8 Schematics




Eagle CAD: v2.8 Bill of Materials (BoM)



Arduino Sketch:  HappyBirthdaySong.ino


Description v2.8:

Magnetic audio transducer, a.k.a. buzzer speaker.

Redesigned with an adjustable 700mW amplifier that can handle a broader audio range than a standard piezo.


Features v2.8:

 - Board size reduction makes it breadboard friendly

 - 3.3v or 5v operation

 - Most parts are SMT and spaced adequately for easier soldering

 - Redesigned so pin headers could be used to attach it to a backpanel PCB


Updated 2022-05-16 @ 8am