Variable 1Hz-500Hz CPU Clock Module


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                        Eagle CAD: v1.2 Schematic       Eagle CAD: v1.2 Board Layout



v1.2 PCB (Top)



v1.2 BoM (Bill of Materials) with Digikey Part Numbers




Short Video: Varying Speed from 1Hz to 500Hz








This PCB is based on Ben Eater's CPU Clock module breadboard design but only the astable portion.



 - Output is 1Hz to 500Hz with a 1uF electrolytic capacitor (227kHz with a 1nF cap)

 - Synchronized LED flashes are via the CLOCK or CLOCK output connectors

 - 2-pin socket so you can switch out capacitors to smaller values for more speed

 - 5v output connector was added in v1.2 to also power the device under test

 - Two grounded 3mm (0.12") mounting holes


Power Input:

 - Power In is from a diode-protected 5v 2-wire connector or miniUSB but not both


Updated 2022-12-24 @ 8am